Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

Specialized Products and Ideas

There are many organizations and companies providing specialized products that help people with low vision and other visual issues.  Here are some of my favorites:

EREADERS – to me books are about the words and the story they tell.  It’s not about the cover, the binding, the pages so I was very excited when my sister, Tammy and her husband, Rod gave me the special gift of a Kindle.  I’ve had many, many enjoyable hours reading the books that are so easily ordered.  The best part is that you can enlarge the font size based on your vision.

I’m now on my second Kindle, called the Touch, again a wonderful surprise from Tammy and Rod.  Smaller, more efficiently set up and with a great keyboard, I’m loving this lighter and easier to manage way to read.

Amazon for Kindles

Making Life More Livable (Simple Adaptations for Living at Home After Vision Loss) revised by Maureen Duffy – available from American Foundation for the Blind and Amazon

CATALOGS – Just a note that I receive no compensation from the organizations listed below.  I have ordered from them, hassle-free with good results.  

The Lighthouse Store – for all activities of daily living – from the office to the kitchen to lamps and lighting and much much more.  Practical and helpful.

Daily Living Solutions – home and leisure, health and fitness products as well as a comprehensive list of services and a glossary

 SPECIAL NOTE:  I found out the hard way that not all companies and organizations that indicate they specialize in low vision aids really know all that much about them or don’t really carry what they say.  Before setting out to visit or order online, research a bit.  If you intend to visit, call first, ask a few questions.  If the person cannot easily tell you what is in stock or tell you who on the staff is the specialist be a bit wary.  When I order online I send an email inquiry first (most companies have Contact Us info).  If I don’t get a return email or phone call, I just skip using that particular company.  Too busy to answer generally means their service may not be on the par you expect.
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