Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

Report on Mac Degen Trial

It’s been  a long time since I’ve written but now am back to report on the trial drug program I started in May 1916.  This study is for one year and consists of two pills taken each day.  I see the ophthalmologist every 4-5 weeks.  Each visit includes blood tests, a specialized ocular scan, an EKG occurs every third visit as well as exams of both eyes.

I’ve forgotten to mention that my left eye is the one in the trial.  That eye had the ocular wrinkle, the most swelling and the least vision.  I started the trial with an injection of Avastin in that eye back in May.  To date I have not had to have another.  My vision is stronger each time I visit.

I still have issues with low light situations. contrast and depth perception but given enough light, either sunlight or good overhead lighting I am doing quite well.

The study is a double blind and I do not know which of the medications I am taking.  Right now I am preparing for the end of the study and what will be offered to me.  It is possible I can continue the same tablets – I believe that whatever I am taking does work – so I am hoping this is how it will work.

I continue my advocacy – my latest hue and cry is about websites and ecommerce sites that do not provide easy access for those of us with low vision.  Ecommerce sites must provide access to everyone – lesson one.  Brochures, pamphlets, information, websites all need to be easy to read and understand.

Yesterday  I received a digital blood pressure monitor.  The instructions and graphics were in the lightest color possible.  I had to use a magnifying glass to figure out how to use the thing.  I look forward to sending a message to the company and offering my services to work with them.

Your opinions, too, carry a great deal of weight so do not be afraid to fill out surveys or write comments on FaceBook pages or send letters.

See you next time.






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One thought on “Report on Mac Degen Trial

  1. Betty Stone on said:

    Happy to hear you thinks the pills you are getting are helping. Maybe all of us will be able to try them before too long. I still get the injection every couple months and thankful they have that available to help. It has been almost five years since I started getting them and doctor is worried about my other eye as he said it will usually go wet as well. I pray that it doesn’t. Stay in touch with all as we are sure pulling for you.

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