Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

Hope For the Future

Today I started a trail study of a drug that may help future generations control macular degeneration.  The goal of this drug, X-82, is to eliminate the need for monthly eye injections by replacing those injections with a daily pill.

I’ve always felt the need to do something that would further research into this most miserable of diseases.  I started this blog to provide information and daily life steps that might help others to address issues and to learn they don’t have to be so afraid.

Now I’ve taken my stand.  I will try to keep you all informed and updated on my personal feelings and any health-related issues.

Although I have not posted very regularly the last couple of years, I am now on the  upside of a full hip replacement and elder care.  I look forward to talking about my progress in this trial and wish you all the best in your journey with mad dgen.



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4 thoughts on “Hope For the Future

  1. Katharine Emsden on said:

    I’ve enjoyed your wisdom for about 5 years and even phoned/emailed you years ago. Wet and pucker in both eyes, about to have cataract removed in OD 21:25 eye and given monofocal distance IOL while leaving OS 20:30 eye alone, for reading. Both eyes have IMPROVED in visual acuity over the years but one cataract has grown & begun to cloud central vision. Surgery my improve peripheral & possibly even central. Monthly Avastin in both for 3 years! Latanoprost keeping glaucoma at bay.(pressure=around 11)great retina specialist, Dr.Alan Kimura, 6 offices in Denver.
    May your hip work keep you spry and wise. Katharine

    • Katharine thank you for the update. Sounds as if you are managing the eye issues well. It is a challenge though. A good retina specialist makes all the difference I think. It took my right eye a bit longer to heal after cataract surgery but now it is in fairly good shape and the acuity has improved.

      Hope your cataract surgery goes well. Best wishes.

  2. Norma Juracsik on said:

    Good luck! Those with ARMD don’t look forward to having injections in their eyes so often.

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