Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

With Trepidation

Isn’t trepidation a pretty great word?  It covers so many emotions or fears.  For me, today, it means unease.  Unease with what the ophthalmologist will find at this check up.  Why am I uneasy?  Well for the past two or three weeks the vision in my left eye appears cloudy, not central blurriness as after the operation, but cloudy.  Hard to describe what I mean but I am concerned that perhaps I’ve developed a cataract (which is the only major side effect of my operation).

So it is with trepidation I head out for my appointment this afternoon.  Lots of questions run through my mind:  will I have to undergo more eye surgery so soon after the vitrectomy and what are the next set of side effects?  Luckily my husband had cataracts removed from both eyes with little or no problem.  But then he didn’t have other eye issues to deal with.

I do know I am quite uncomfortable driving even in what most people would think perfect weather.  I do know my vision has declined in the left eye.  I do know I’m spending a lot of time checking to be sure I don’t miss something.

And I also know you have to face unafraid what life brings you so for the rest of today, anyway, I will set aside my trepidations and just go find out what’s going on.  I’ll post results later today.


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2 thoughts on “With Trepidation

  1. Katharine Emsden on said:

    You have followed the path recommended by experts in puckers and takes guts and determination. If it’s a cataract and the op is sufficiently healed, it will go fine. If you have to wait, that’s hard but you always pull through the difficulty.. I have a few models in life, and you are a BIG one. Katharine

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