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Left Eye Update

It’s been about 5 months since the operation on my left eye to ‘peel’ away the macular pucker and I know several of you have waited to hear how things are going.  During my exam in late March, I could read at 2150 (left eye) using the pinholes – this is the best it’s been in years.

I still have a general blurriness in the central area of the eye but every week or so I notice things I couldn’t see before using only my left eye.  Now I can see a whole face and not just the outer part – my husband has a nose again.  I’m starting to see whole trees when I look outside although things at a distance remain difficult.  My depth perception is improving and I know I’m getting a lot more light as reading with both eyes is easier.

My ophthalmologist is pleased with the way things are going although he says there’s still a lot of internal swelling.  He’s put me on a regime of Prednisolone drops – 4 a day for the next few weeks to see if that reduces the swelling faster.

I’m not driving very much yet because glare seems to have increased but I continue to be patient with the process.  It can take up to a year for my left eye vision to improve and I’m seeing enough positive change that I’m happy to just breathe through each day.

Thanks to all of you who follow my posts, for your concern and your good wishes.

I’m researching information on Low Vision Specialists and how to determine the good from the rest so stay tuned for that story coming soon.


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18 thoughts on “Left Eye Update

  1. Thanks for posting this wonderful update. That is incredible news. What an awesome feeling it must be to see the things you are getting to see again. Very happy for you.

  2. So happy to hear that, Pepi! That’s fabulous news! Keep up the awesome work. Your attitude and determination are inspiring.

  3. So happy to hear that, Pepi! That’s awesome news. Keep up the good work. Your attitude and determination are inspiring!

  4. lincoln cathers on said:

    Hi Pepi, It is good to hear that your are making meaningful progress. You are in my prayers. Linc


  5. I’m so happy you’ve had this improvement, Pep. Rod notes that you did not mention whether or not you’re actually **pleased** to see Bob’s nose again 😉

    Sounds like it was well worth it!

  6. Tracey McDonough on said:

    I am so happy to hear that things are getting better!!!

  7. Katharine Emsden on said:

    Good to hear your news and especially your upbeat attitude. Too soon to notice if you have Left eye I guess.
    I have no wavy lines in either eye, Left stays at 20:30, not sure if Right is more impacted by pucker or mac.degen.
    Did you mean 2150 or 20:150? Anyway, you’ve had success!!
    I may be off to England briefly in 10 days. I wonder if there’s an amazing specialist in London or Cambridge. Hats off! Katharine

    • Hi Katharine – happy to hear from you. I have dry mac degen in both eyes. The wet diagnosis in the left eye was incorrectly made by my ‘former’ eye doc. Hope you can find someone great in London.

      • Katharine Emsden on said:

        You might investigate Carson Optical Ezread Television Magnifier. You put whole pages under a hand thing & it shows 5x + magnification on screen. Must have “video in” or “component input” on T V. I just saw this online.

      • Thanks Katharine. I will take a look at this magnifier and report on it in the next few weeks.

    • Katharine – my right eye is 20:25 and the left eye 2150 (that’s how they say it anyway)

  8. Kaitlyn on said:

    That is wonderful news! Have you tried wearing yellow or amber lens to combat the glare issue? Yellow works great inside and amber is best for outside. Take care of yourself and continue to heal 🙂

    • Hi, Kaitlyn – thanks for the glare glasses tips. I have both and they help a bit, but not all the time. As you know it depends on the weather. Inside I have the hardest time in a large store with white walls, white ceiling and white or beige flooring. And add florescent lighting to boot. I get so darned disoriented. The yellow tinted glasses help but I sure don’t stay long in those stores.

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