Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

Salty and Pepi- Love At First ‘Sight’

Bark and Bubble (3)It’s funny how things work out.  When you least expect it, something (or someone) comes your way and you find out first-hand how the universe really works.  Back in October we adopted a twelve-year-old West Highland Terrier, a funny imp of a dog, full of life and love and vision-impaired.  How of all the dogs in the rescue-world did he come my way?

Salty spent the past three years or so in a dark basement where he developed several medical problems including conjunctivitis and pigmentary keratitis.  PK, an inflammation of the cornea, leaves a brown deposit on the eye, clouding the vision and may cause blindness.  Salty is lucky; the treatment worked, and the deterioration stopped although the peripheral vision in the right eye is much reduced.  The hair around the eyes will never grow back though but it’s kind of cool having a dog that resembles Alice Cooper.  It’s easy to startle or scare someone with no peripheral vision so I keep my eye out for these things.

Salty also has a dense central cataract in the left eye.  I compare this to my central vision loss from macular degeneration so I understand when he doesn’t see the dog next door or the jogger or  recognize faces.   I redirect him when I can and it helps me realize things I can do to help myself.

How has Salty helped me with my vision issues?  Well, he makes me laugh out loud, play more, hug a lot and stay positive.  All of these things reduce stress, focus me on the good things in life and remind me stay alert and aware all the time.

I took a quick break just now to cuddle up with Salty to share a few tickles, nose kisses and hugs.  He’s always willing to love and that’s another life lesson.

I’ll be posting more stories about Salty and Pepi over the next few months so stay tuned.


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6 thoughts on “Salty and Pepi- Love At First ‘Sight’

  1. Bettye Stone on said:

    Maybe that is what I need, a dog. I was given the news that I not only have Macular Degeneration but gluacoma as well in April. My Macular went wet in September and my depression has gotten worse. I am glad I found your website . It has been hard for me to even talk about it, guess I have not come to terms with it yet. I will be following your story. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Bettye – You surely have a lot on your plate with a double diagnosis like this. When I finally found the courage to talk about my mac degen and vision loss, it didn’t get any easier but it did give me a voice for my care and I think that is very important. Please wander through my various blog posts for any ideas or thoughts that can help you through this difficult time. And I’m always hear to listen. Salty and I wish you a happier year in 2013. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I LOVE westies – my favorite breed – congratulations to you for discovering more about yourself through him…. I can’t wait to meet him

  3. Tracey McDonough on said:

    Dear Pepsi

    I have grown very concerned. Because you have not posted anything since this post. I hope everything is ok.

    Tracey McDonough

    • Good to hear from you Tracey. I’ve been researching a number of things I see and hear about and that does take time. One I think that is timely is how you can be sure you are getting a low vision doctor with all the proper credentials. That should make for some interesting reading. I do need to update everyone on my macular pcuker removal so stay tuned for that shortly.

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