Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

When It Comes To Trust

A week ago this morning, I was waking up in a post op recovery room, feeling quite perky and somewhat talkative.  My eye surgery was behind me – a vitrectomy to peel tissue from the macula in the left eye.  It all happened as my ophthalmologist predicted: the operation took an hour; I was asleep for the more painful part until the eye block took affect; then I could hear what was going on; the anesthesia didn’t make me ill and for that I’m very grateful; I was in no pain and there was no swelling.  I was home by 10:15 and ready for some breakfast.

After two years of avoiding the surgery due to fear of allergic reactions to many medications, I finally agreed that it was time to move forward.  I decided to place my trust in research, my doctor and many others I might never see.  “That’s a whole lot of trust,” I thought to myself, “much of it in people who might easily make a mistake.”  You know what I mean –  errors on documents, wrong eye, lack of attention to detail.

Rather than spend the next 8 weeks worrying, I decided to make trust a daily practice.  I’ve always been a trusting person, but to entrust yourself to others is a somewhat different matter and harder to do.  Really having faith in someone else takes some getting used to.

Every day I looked for a different person to trust.  Some days it was small things like getting the right change, other days it was asking for an opinion or a commitment.  Once I challenged my primary care physician to explore a new way thinking.  (that one didn’t work so well although I learned from it).

And with anything you practice, it became a habit, so that eight weeks later I was relaxed and even confident.  I also learned to trust myself more too.   It will be several months before I know the outcome of the surgery – will I have more vision in the left eye?  I hope so.  Seems to me I better practice daily patience along with daily trust.


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4 thoughts on “When It Comes To Trust

  1. So glad to hear that all went well, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping in 8 weeks all will be good…. Trust is very important in this life….

  2. Greg Adams on said:

    What a great attitude. Only that more people felt the same way. Will be glad to hear about the results of the surgery. Still no changes here on the chart thingy.

    Greg Adams

    • Hello Greg – glad to hear that things remain the same for you. Glad you commented on the post. Attitudes are one of those things we get to choose every day and I do make every effort to be optimistic and positive. Some days are easier than others. Happy Thanksgiving.

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