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When Is the Right Time?

I’ve been wanting a dog for a long time, but with serious family caregiver issues, my own vision problems and impending surgery, it seemed I just needed to wait for the planets to finally align.  A couple of weeks ago there were two Pet Fests in town and I decided to stop by just to see what dogs needed adopting.  The first was disappointing because there were only three puppies.

I almost didn’t bother to go to the second but something kept prodding me and I’m glad I did.  I meet Salty, a twelve-year-old West Highland White Terrier.  The last few years of Salty’s life haven’t been great and he had some health issues.  But through The Animal Support Project and his new foster home, most of the health issues cleared up and he was looking for a home to call his own.

Still hesitant about bringing a dog into our lives, I brought the subject up that evening.  My husband, not overjoyed at the prospect, pointed out all the reasons we shouldn’t have a dog at this time.  And, you know, his points were right on target: little time to call our own, the weather about to get cold and icy, older dog health issues, my surgery and after care with a dog would be more difficult, etc.

It was then, with sudden insight, I realized that every issue he raised was also a reason to bring a dog into our lives.  A merry little soul for companionship, comic relief, a respite from the day’s tension – and a way to bring some joy and happiness to one of our older canine friends really made a lot of sense.

More discussion followed and we decided to put in an application. Saturday was a big day in our lives.  Salty made his home visit and we became a mutual admiration society.  If all goes well he will join our family at the end of the week.  I’ll post his picture then.

My message today is really about stepping out and aligning your own planets; not waiting for some picture-perfect right time.  It’s also about developing some skills to help you make good choices:  responsible consideration, prioritizing (or re-prioritizing), calculating the risks involved and believing there’s always a way.

Stop back on the weekend for more about Salty.


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6 thoughts on “When Is the Right Time?

  1. D.G. Smeall on said:

    Pepi, you are so right! I am so glad you wrote this particular post. I have had the same hemming and hawing with regards to bringing a dog into my own life. I will eventually do the same for similar reasons. I promise not to wait too long on my own bundle of joy. Thanks for the post today!!!! : )

  2. I’m so happy for you and Salty! And your story is such a good one about looking at a problem from multiple angles…and the changes that can create.

  3. lincoln cathers on said:

    Hi Pepi, Enjoy the new addition to the family. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday. Linc


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