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Low Vision and High Hope

Ten Eleven Twelve

October 11, 2012 is World Sight Day and I thought you would enjoy a story about an organization taking a different  approach to solving blindness and visual impairment one pair of glasses at a time.  You may already know the story of Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS Shoes.  The short story is that while on a trip to Argentina, Blake recognized that many of the children had no shoes.  In 2006, now back in the United States, he can up with a plan called One for One.  Buy a pair of TOMS Shoes and he would donate a pair to a child in Argentina.  The shoes, comfortable well-made and available for every life-type, caught on and last year TOMS donated their 1 millionth pair of shoes to a child in a developing nation.

As Blake continued his travels he noted the cycle of poverty in so many countries and realized that the One for One concept could work in many ways and that TOMS could be more than a shoe company.   Their first step in this direction was to target blindness and visual impairment – much of the world’s sight issues can be resolved through glasses or simple surgeries.  The new business is called TOMS Eyewear and for every pair you buy, a pair is donated to someone who needs them in one of eleven countries.

I’ve written about these amazing social entrepreneurial ideas before in my other blog, A Noble Purpose, but here is a tie-in to life with low vision by someone who is doing something to solve the problems at their most basic level.  Thanks to people like Blake and his team and to everyone who participates in One for One.

To read more click on TOMS  Eyewear or watch the video below.


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