Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

Bigger, Brighter

Imagine a young mom of three, up and coming watercolor artist, caregiver of a young son with special needs who discovers she has Best Disease, a progressive form of macular dystrophy, generally resulting in the loss of central vision.  For nine months she stops painting, sad and concerned about her family and her life.  Then one day she decides to paint as long as she can still see.  And when she can’t see so well anymore she plans to paint things BIGGER and BRIGHTER.

What a great mantra, I thought.  We could all stand to do everything BIGGER and BRIGHTER, whether we have low vision or not.  But for those of us with vision issues making things bigger and brighter really helps us see so much easier. Think about all the visual aids that magnify; the newer television, computers, cell phones, and tablets with incredible graphics;  task lighting, brightly colored appliances and accessories – all help us see things better.

Back to the mantra idea though – picture the possibilities in life if I (or you) could make every concept, thought or idea BIGGER and BRIGHTER!  Not just in our mind’s eye but really.  What if peace were bigger and brighter?  Would more people follow the road to peace?  What if the world could see everything in a new and brighter light?  Would  people eat healthier, work differently, live happier?

There are so many possibilities if I live BIGGER and BRIGHTER.  Now I just need to figure out how.  What do you think?  What do you see me doing?  I’d love to hear from you.

For those of you that don’t care for CAPS or color – sorry, but it just doesn’t look right in black and white lower case.  And for those of you who aren’t sure why I’m writing this on my mac degen blog, send me your thoughts.


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5 thoughts on “Bigger, Brighter

  1. lincoln cathers on said:

    Hi Pepi, Your short and sweet ideas always make me think. Thank You, Linc


  2. Greg Adams on said:

    I like anything that point to a positive way in handling our aging challenges. Greg

  3. Hi Pepi,

    I just came across your website and love your articles on attitude. So many people with macular degeneration are looking for “the cure,” the instant treatment, the new medication etc. when it is important to live today with the right attitude. Adjusting is one of the big ones – and adjusting to Bigger and Brighter is one that all of us can benefit from.

    All the Best,

    Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

    • Thank you Leslie – staying focused on what we’ve got makes you stronger to look at what the possibilities may be. And bigger and brighter seems so much more appealing don’t you think?

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