Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

It All Comes Down to Trust

Trust is on my mind these days.  Driving over to the market this morning I turned on my right blinker and the car that was waiting for me to pass, pulled out and turned.  WOW! I thought, that guy trusted me to make that turn.  And there it was – we trust each other all the time.  I trust the cashier at the market to charge me the right price; I trust the traffic lights to work and so it goes.  We would have one heck of a world if there wasn’t trust.

Now it’s time for me to trust my ophthalmologist and move forward with a procedure to remove the scar tissue on my left macular, (a macular peel) an operation I had hoped to avoid.  But my doctor tells me the dry macular degeneration in my right eye is getting worse and certainly within the last 6 weeks I’ve noticed a  decline in my distance vision.

Some of my readers know, because of early allergic reactions to medications, I take no prescription or over-the-counter medications, including NSAIDs so the possibility of having to take one of these meds kept me from moving ahead with the operation.  When your allergic reaction closes your throat you just have a different view. That and the fact I haven’t had an operation since 1963.

In the end, though, it all comes down to trust.  Trust that I’ve done all the research, trust in my ophthalmologist, trust in the anesthesiologist and the other caregivers I will need to rely on for a few days while I recover.

Thinking about trust today, I recalled a memory from twenty years ago when I participated in a high and low ropes experience on an island in South Carolina.  One of the things I learned was calculated risk taking depends on the trust you build with your fellow participants.  Communication, problem solving, decision-making are all skills that lead to mutual support and trust.  Falling backward from a platform 5′ off the ground into the waiting arms of my team was a physical and emotional risk but I did it!

I’ll use that experience to build my confidence, build mutual support with my health care team and soon I will say “I did it!”


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2 thoughts on “It All Comes Down to Trust

  1. lincoln cathers on said:

    Hi Pepi, I know that I have been in your prayers. Now is the time for me to put you in my prayers for your upcoming operation. All The Best, Linc _____

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