Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

Good News and Not So

Met with my eye guy on Thursday and was very excited that I could read several more lines on the eye chart with my left eye.  My practice with the peripheral vision is paying off.

The not so good news is that a macular pucker is forming on my RIGHT eye.  He has advocated peeling the pucker on my LEFT eye and now it looks like I will have to undergo this surgery sooner than anticipated.

This surgery is sensitive to be sure but not dangerous unless you have allergies to pain medication as I do.  Then you begin to wonder if you will wake up.  Scary stuff to be sure.  I’m processing this information and plan to schedule another appointment with him in about 30 days to walk through questions that spring to mind.

Macular puckers are not rare but they’re not usual either.  So how come I’m developing them on both eyes?  Another question is will they re-occur?  I’d love to hear from anyone with this experience.

So good news and the not so good news.  Just another day in the life of living with mac degen.


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2 thoughts on “Good News and Not So

  1. Greg Adams on said:

    I am just beginning the journey and want to tell you how your blog has helped me maintain a positive attitude. While we don’t know each other, that still doesn’t mean that I can’t nor won’t include you in my prayers. I hope your procedure goes well and thank you for the blog.

    Greg Adams

    • Thank you for your note Greg. Every day with mac degen is an adventure and a learning experience and I’m glad you are keeping a positive attitude. I’ll keep you in my prayers and thoughts too.

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