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More Laughing Matters

Last week’s post, Laughing Matters, seemed to resonate with many of you.  Even without low vision, life is serious stuff so taking a few minutes to lighten up is actually very good medicine without the pharma part.   This weekend’s trip to Vermont, the most beautiful of weddings and a lovely trip home, certainly brightened my life.  We all need times like this.

A friend of mine, Belinda Brasley, just posted a great article called 20 Ways to Brighten Your Day, and with her permission, please take a few minutes to read it.  Then you can add some of your own thoughts.  While you are on her site, Losing Vision Gaining Insight, take a few minutes to read her article called Spinning.  Tired of spinning, try a few of the 20 Ways to improve your mood and enjoy life again.  I hadn’t thought about the Plate Spinning Guy in years.  Laughed our loud.

By the way, I call Belinda my friend although we have never met. We are part of a group of low vision or blind people  who support each other in our journey through life.  Belinda and I share a lot of things:  her right eye is her best eye, mine too; she has scar tissue on the left eye, me too; we are both from areas in upstate New York (Albany and Rochester); she Gains Insight, I have High Hope; we don’t drive much anymore.  Some day we may meet (of course both of us have some facial recognition issues) but for now I draw on her strength and perceptions and sense of humor.

Belinda is also a photographer and while you are on her site, enjoy the photos.


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