Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

Laughing Matters

Have you ever been told your shirt is on inside out?  Have you ever found spots on the rug you didn’t know were there?  Has anyone ever pointed out the cobwebs on your ceiling?  My answer is unequivocally yes and then I laugh as hard as I can.  Because that’s the only way to handle this kind of thing.  Of course some days I don’t feel like laughing but mostly it’s OK not to take myself too seriously.

When you have low vision there are more important things to worry about.  Safety issues like walking down the stairs, crossing the street, chopping vegetables, and using the stove need our concentration so why not  chuckle when you can.

Wikipedia provides some information on the importance of laughter.  Children are known to laugh a great deal more than adults: an average baby laughs around 300 times a day compared to the average adult, who laughs about 20 times a day.  Of course this depends your personality but why should the babies have all the fun?

According to some studies, it seems that the onset of adulthood causes ‘a gradual change characterized by increased seriousness and a diminished engagement in laughter.’  If you can think of laughter as your personal expression of joy, of love, then it should be easy to surpass the 20 times a day Laughing Matters mark.

On days that it’s hard to find a reason to laugh, picture yourself as Lucille Ball in the world’s newest sitcom.  Remember she made the most mundane, the most embarrassing, into something to laugh about.  That’s priceless.

Just after I finished writing this I went out to play some miniature golf with my granddaughter – something we haven’t done in several years.  It was a bit tricky to see the topography but I didn’t fall in any ponds or trip over anything.  After golf (I lost again) we stopped for a soda.  The clerk handed me a soda cup for the self-serve machine.  I tried filling the cup with ice and soda but everything kept bouncing out of the cup.  Turns out there was a transparent lid inside the cup (which of course I couldn’t see).  Amanda and I started to laugh and couldn’t stop.  Perhaps you heard us.


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