Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

There Is Nothing Like A Dame

The news that Dame Judith Dench has macular degeneration hit the media like a storm – a typhoon if you will.  News outlets and media in general responded to this sad news with their usual fervor and stupidity, reporting she was going blind.  I saw the report on ABC World News and THEY reported accurately and showed evidence based information about mac degen.  Not so thousands of other sources.

Dame Judi jumped all over these inaccurate reports the very next day clarifying her low vision problems and making sure the public knows she is not going ‘blind.’

But, once again, the damage is done.  I have written extensively for the past year about the danger of these You Are Going Blind scare tactic headlines.  So now’s the time to dig in my heels and do something about it.  And I have the perfect champion in Dame Judi.

With Dame Judi’s openness and courage to talk about her macular degeneration we have the perfect opportunity to tell our own stories.  We’re in vogue folks so let’s step up and get the word out.   And let’s stop the YAGB scare tactics used in the media.

Will you join me in emailing, calling or writing to express your opinion (courteously of course) when you see these outrageous headlines or reports?  I’d love to hear from you and please let *M* know how much she has done for those of us with mac degen.


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