Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

Kid Smart

I’ve just discovered this wonderful website that helps children understand more about macular degeneration using evidence-based information (very important to me) and a grade-appropriate approach.  From pre-school to age 12 there are these terrific interactive educational activities to help children better understand this degenerative eye condition.

There’s a section for parents and teachers, fun facts, games (the crossword puzzle is great fun) as well as a resources section that is just plain incredible.  I love the School Report ToolKit and the eScrapbook for a loved one.

What a wonderful way to teach your children or grandchildren about a disease that may affect you or someone in your family.  The site takes security very seriously – check out their kid’s privacy policy.

Created by the American Health Assistance Foundation (AHAF), a not for profit organization researching cures for degenerative diseases, this is one fine website.  I feel that almost anyone can benefit from the information…….including adults.

And me – I learned several new things today.  Here’s a cool eye question: who (or what) has the largest eyeball in the world?

Thanks to Ed Berger and the AHAF for their kind permission to tell you all about Children’s Corner.


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