Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

Safety First

I can hear Mom now: “don’t run with scissors; don’t stick a fork in the electric outlet; always look both ways when you cross the road; don’t play with matches.”  She forgot about the one that says don’t butter the bread before you put it in the toaster, but that’s a story for another time.  Mom was right. All these are great safety tips, not just for kids but for all of us.  When you have a low/no vision condition these guidelines and many others are much more meaningful, especially at this time of year when we are decorating, baking, cooking, shopping, and perhaps, partying.

Home safety is a really ‘hot’ topic for me and not just because of my vision.  I see so many people with good vision that could benefit from some of the products that are available.  And for folks like me with mac degen, these products make life safer, easier and more productive.

Lighting is probably the most important.  Remember Mom said, “turn on a light, don’t read in the dark.”  The proper lighting for different areas of my home as well as special task lighting made my life so much easier.  I am much more relaxed when I read, cook, knit or write now that I understand about lighting.  And I’m safer too.

Kitchen equipment like my black and white reversible cutting board, my large-face measuring cups, various colored dots that let me know where the on buttons are, to the fluorescent paint that identifies the front door lock and my lighted magnifying make-up mirror – all make life easier and less risky.

You can read more safety tips from my friends at Vision Aware and please take a look at all the products that are available from Independent Living Aids – they could be a life saver for you.  They make great gifts too.

A shout out to my sister, Tammy, for my new Kindle Touch.  I loved my Kindle DX but the Touch is even better.  I love its keyboard and ease of downloading books.  Thanks Tammy and Rod.

Home and Kitchen Safety

Independent Living Aid Catalog

NEXT UP:  Take Your Eyes Out For A Walk


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4 thoughts on “Safety First

  1. Don’t butter the bread before putting it in the toaster? Ok, somehow I’ve missed this story all these years. Do tell…

    • Maybe not my finest hour. I was about 10 and wanted some toast. Mom was outside. Logically, I thought, that if you buttered the toast before toasting it, you would have nicely browned AND buttered toast. Luckily I didn’t set the house on fire and when I told Mom about my invention she wasn’t very pleased. That was about a week before I pulled a pot of hot water off the stove onto my arm. Still have that scar.

      • I do remember Mom telling me about you and the pot of water. She apparently decided not to mention the pre-buttered toast!

      • I can’t remember what I was doing with the water. Maybe making them tea. My skin is still dark where it burned. It’s a wonder I learned to cook at all.

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