Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope

Seeing With Your Heart

Today started out as an ordinary one; some household duties, Rotary work, writing an article for this blog, some social media and so on.   But with just one Twitter post my day changed to extraordinary and I’d like to tell and show you why.

The post came from Maureen Duffy at Vision Aware and it was all about Blogs and Blogs posts by people with no or low vision.   I’ve spent much of the day reading and learning, laughing and crying, appreciating the differences and the similarities.  I’d like to share some of these with you now.

Thanks for some great book titles from Jeff at Jalapenos in the Oatmeal

Thanks to Becky and Cricket for her lovely way of looking at life.

Thanks to Belinda at Losing Vision Gaining Insight for challenging us to do something impossible.

And Hillary at Sensory Sun for her passion to teach us about children’s blindness.

It’s been a groundswell of a day.  All of these people ‘see’ with their hearts and share with love.

Please enjoy this You Tube video of Andrew Follows photography

UP NEXT?  More Blogs to inspire you.


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