Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope


It’s no  secret: I love to read and live to read.  I’ll even read the back of a ketchup bottle if there is nothing else around. I started reading at the age of 4 and now have an extensive library including a number of books from my childhood.

When the mac degen diagnosis occurred 18 years ago it was clear that reading would eventually become more  and more difficult, if not impossible and this caused me many sleepless nights and tons of worry.  Of course this was before I educated myself on better lighting, magnifiers and explored other ways to read.

Then 3 years ago when my vision blurred even more I learned about the wet mac degen in my left eye.  It was devastating to realize how difficult it was to read.  But then a great thing happened.  My sister, Tammy and her husband, Rod gave me the best present imaginable and it saved ny sanity  – an Ereader or electronic reader called a Kindle from Amazon.

Now I know there are some of you who say “but I love a REAL book, I love the ink and paper and the smell.”  Well I love that too.  But to me, reading is about the words, the story, the content.  I learned in about 2 minutes that it doesn’t matter if I hold a book or a Kindle book.  In fact the Kindle allows you to change the font size at will and in some versions, it can even read to you.  More than 3.500 books are available at low-cost and many are free.  Magazines and newspapers are also available.  The newest Kindle has some amazing new features so check it out.

There are other ereaders out there as well as computerized readers but the message from me is clear.  There will always be a way for you to read.  BE PRO-ACTIVE:  check out ereaders, lighting and magnifiers.  I’d be glad to hear your questions about this so please send your comments.

NEXT UP:  How We Can Bring Hidden Diseases Out of the Dark


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One thought on “LOVING MY KINDLE

  1. So glad the Kindle is continuing to work for you. I love that I can lend you books from the Kindle app on my iPhone and you can lend me books from your device.

    By the way, the 3,500 books figure is the number of books a Kindle can actually hold – there are almost 1 million books now available in Kindle format. Amazing!

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