Macular Degeneration and Me

Low Vision and High Hope


Over the course of the past two months there’s been much attention given to advances in the macular degeneration world.  I’m exhilarated when I see the research, the trials, the testing, the technology.  It gives me hope that we can find the cause, but also a way to halt this disease and possibly, even restore vision.

Education builds confidence, confidence keeps you motivated and maybe even inspired.  That’s what high hope means.  Although I do not write with a medical background, I do feel compelled to suggest that you get acquainted with the latest news in the field and discuss with your eye care professional.

Here’s what I do to stay up on findings in the mac degen world.  I set up a simple Google Account – it’s FREE and easy to do.  Then I typed Alerts into the search bar which brought me to the Alerts area.  You type in the word or words you wish to search.  There are some drop down bars where you can select if you want everything about that topic, or more specific information, the number of times a day you wish to receive an Alert and an email address to receive this information.  You can also set-up Google Reader.  Other search engines like Yahoo also have similar search tools.

If your vision does not let you to do this yourself, ask a friend or relative to set this up.  You’ll be glad you did.

Remember, you will be getting lots of news and information, not all of which is fact-related or related to your particular case so talk with your eye care professionals.  BE PRO-ACTIVE – Go ahead learn more about the latest advances!



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One thought on “REASON FOR HIGH HOPE

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